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Assorted Kids Antimicrobial Reusable Fabric Face Masks (Duo Pack)

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These mask are exclusively featured here for our fellow Singaporean that are affected by the pandemic that occurs globally. These masks are made from our homeland, Singapore. Every single pieces are sewed by a team of local aunties. Do show your support to our local work and be part of the sgunited.

Duo Pack consists of 2 pieces of kid fabric masks from "Assorted Kids Antimicrobial Series" at $30 in 1 pack.



Estimate of delivery : Within 14 days due to supplier's large volume of orders. Will definitely deliver at my soonest once I got the items. Hope you guys will understand 🙏🏻.

Please place your order asap to prevent out of stocks and disappointment. 


Assorted Kids Antimicrobial Fabric Face Masks

Fabrics Masks - Unicorn Candy (White), Unicorn Candy (Pink), Penguin (White), Penguin (Blue), Vintage Planes, Dino (White), Cars (White), Cars (Black), Unicorn Rainbow (Purple), Unicorn Rainbow (Blue), Unicorn Rainbow (White), Dino (Navy), Construction Vehicles, Dinosaur in Space, Dogs & Toucan. (Mix & match any of these into 1 pack (2 pieces). Refer to the illustrations of kids fabric face masks above for reference.)

Material - Made of 100% Cotton fabric

Note - Unisex || Double lined 2 ply exterior || Inner gauze layer with new antimicrobial treatment || AATCC 100 tested by Intertek, leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide || Additional pocket for inserting a disposable filter (disposable mask not included) || Elastic ear binds (colours randomly assigned) || Can be reusable / washable || Good quality.

Sizes - (All sizes are in CM)

XS : 2 - 4 years old (*H : 10.5cm x W : 18cm)

S : 5 - 8 years old (*H : 11.5cm x W : 21cm)

M : 9+ years old, teenagers (*H : 12.5cm x W : 25cm) 

If the kid is on the upper limit of the age group, is above the average build of their peers, or non Asian, consider opting for the next bigger size and tighten the elastic for a good fit. 

*Please refer to the illustration of antimicrobial fabric face masks size chart above for better guidance.

How do I place order on the designs and sizes.

This is how you indicate the details in the "special instruction for seller" cart box at the shopping cart section after you have added your order.

For kids fabric face masks example > indicate the designs, sizes, ages & genders - 1 Unicorn Candy (Pink) XS, 3 years old, girl + 1 Car (Black) S, 6 years old, boy.

For more questions regarding of the fabric face masks, please refer to the FAQs.

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Creator's view : 

It will be a new normal that we will be facing. Face masks will be 1 of our essential needs in our daily lives. While we are gradually approaching different phrases of reopening various activities, we need to accept this new normal essential to be part of our lives. You are all dressed up to welcome the new beginning but still lack of a nice mask to match your outfit? Fret not. Life will never be dull with these vibrant fabric face masks. They are stylish and cute for the kids. Designs are well chosen to suit different types of age groups / individual. Both categories of fabric masks are unisex despite some of the colours and designs might suits particular gender. It very much depends on individual's preference. 

The choice of fabric is breathable and hypoallergenic, which is beneficial for those with sensitive skin and children as well. The soft, breathable fabric makes it more comfortable to wear in our climate, as we go about our essential tasks. Kids fabric face masks contain new antimicrobial treatment too.

These fabric face masks are reusable and washable. For kids antimicrobial fabric face masks, it lasts up to 30 washes only. But, there are some reviews that the masks are still in good condition if you take good care of it. Please wash the mask before using even it is new.



Orders typically take 5-10 working days (not including weekends) to dispatch. Expect a delay of delivery due to the volume of orders and reduced manpower in line with government restrictions.

Please note that slight discrepancies for the colours of the fabric masks and the colours of the elastics used. All kids masks are custom made based on orders and requests received. Hence, kids masks might take slightly longer.