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*Buy 2 Get $2 Off Offer* Mask Lanyard Straps (Instocks)

Regular price $10.00

Buy 2 masks to get $2 off instead of the original price of $12 for 2 lanyard straps.


Material - Made of Polyester

Note - 2 buttons on each side to adjust the lanyard's length || Good quality.

Stretchable - Slight

Measurements - In CM

Length (without buttoning) : 60 - 61 (Please not that there might have deviation of 0.5cm in some of the straps.) | Width : 0.9

Lanyard Straps when hanging at chest area are varied according to the person's height. You can refer to illustrations for reference.

Colours - Black Puma & Navy V

* For just 1 piece of lanyard straps, you can refer to this ➡ : Mask Lanyard Straps (Instocks)


Creator's view :

"These Mask Lanyard Straps are handmade by Instylia. Each piece is made to measure and the buttons are all hand sewn. The reason to come out with these lanyard straps are for the convenient to place your masks instead of pulling the mask to the chin which is in a way of being unhygienic. Some eateries places disallowed placing of masks on the table. Sometimes you might even misplace your mask after you have removed it. These lanyard straps come in a good way for you. 

The lengths are varied for different people due to their heights. There are 2 buttons that were sewn for you to adjust the length accordingly. These lanyard straps are convenient, handy and presentable. They suit all kinds of outing or occasions like working in office, going to the gym, having dinner gathering with friends etc. Instylia sincerely hope you guys will like these handmade mask lanyard straps 😊."